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Capri, Italy METAR

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Excellent find.  That must be it.  Thank you!

Yep no problem, it was fun.[tup]
I reminisced doing 3D flyovers with Google Earth. Found the restaurant that I ate where we could see the faraglioni from our table. Just beautiful. And the food...amazing, fresh sea food of course.

I really enjoyed Capri for the short time I was there as well.   I'm surprised there is a METAR site at that private helicopter pad seeing as Capri typically enjoys VFR weather, especially in the summer tourist season when the island is most populated.

I wish I had many more experiences in the islands of southern Europe.  While I thought Capri was excellent I'd have to say at this point I like the Croatian Islands a bit better, but there are so many places to explore.  I have a wacky dream of mine I could maybe retire in the Greek Isles or Sardinia, but I need to do some travelling first...


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