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2 Webcams Here in Western Maine


Central Maine Weather:
Good morning all,
Just wanted to share my webcam links that I use on my personal weather website here in Leeds, Maine.

My website link is http://monumenthillweather.webs.com/
You can see both webcams directly on my website, but they also have direct links...
My 1st webcam facing due East is found at https://assets1.webcam.io/w/MmB5V9/latest_hd.jpg
My second webcam facing Northwest is found at https://assets4.webcam.io/w/9LgV8M/latest_hd.jpg

The first webcam is facing Monument Hill, a popular short hiking destination here in Leeds, ME with great views out towards the White Mountains of New Hampshire and points beyond. I just moved my second webcam to a new location on my anemometer mast on top of our horse barn, and chances are you will likely see our horse in pasture when viewing this webcam. I use this camera as a snow depth webcam during the winter months, but find it suits good as a secondary webcam during the snowless months.

   - Matt

Thanks for sharing. Nice setup.

Looks good.
I forget I live in a bubble in Florida. The summer green is on all the tree's down here but up there you are just starting.
Bloomsky from my backyard.


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