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Switching Weatherlink site to Wordpress

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I currently use Weatherlink 5.6 to manage the Davis weather station. The software I use to display data on the village web site is written in fairly old HTML as is the whole site. Some I wrote; some I obtained from various sources. I have been using it for so long that I can't remember where I got the current display software from - I didn't write most of it! (See
The whole village site needs a rewrite and I a doing this using Wordpress.

So my request for help is in this respect - any pointers on how to use Wordpress to display data downloaded by Weatherlink 5.6?

I can think of some ways to do it but why reinvent the wheel when the skills to do it myself are limited and some kind soul has placed a much better way on the internet!!

Google suggests looking at:

Absolutely no idea I'm afraid how good or bad a plugin this may be or how easy to implement, but seems to review OK and it may at least be a starting point.

FWIW we use the (free) embeds from in a WP site and that works fine, but the embeds are obviously fairly limited in the readings they display.

Thanks John - that's useful. As you say, it gives me a starting point at least.
BTW - what's the URL of the site you mention? I'd be interested in seeing how you have implemented the embeds.

See eg our page and the insert titled ESN WLL. NB That's not been tweaked at all - that's the standard format of all embeds of that type.

(But just look at the format of the embed - the outside temperature is (sadly) not 20C right now. Data is coming from a unit that's in for a service inside the office and which I think someone has forgotten to switch to a different channel  :roll: )

Thanks - I'll see what I can make of that.
BTW I see Ciara hasn't arrived with you yet. We're just beginning to see the leading edge on the pointy bit of Cumbria opposite the Isle of Man which has now disappeared from view!


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