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I have a PM2.5 sensor and am reporting to Ambient Weather. It is only for particulate matter. It does show on my station page
The air quality shown on WU is from the local AQMD and not my station. It uses more parameters in its calculation.

I noticed that Wundermap recently? has air quality PM2.5 and PM10 data from Purple Air but PM2.5 and PM10 data sent to are still ignored.  Hopefully WU will start to propagate ingested air quality data but based on lack of progress on other items we still have a long wait.   

An update after three years !!!

I have been sending AqPM2.5 and AqPM10 readings to  weather underground along with all my other readings and they STILL don't show.   I suspect they
are getting the data  from the purple air site   so that they are "validated".  You need a valid purple air device  MAC  to send data there!

(I use a single PMS5003 unit which cost me about 30$ so how they justify nearly 300$ for their dual unit I am not sure.)

My weather station uploads directly to WU and I've tried to upload separately the AqPM2.5 and AqPM10 readings from my PM2.5 sensor but when I do, my WU data for temperature, pressure, wind etc goes blank until it gets another measurement from the weather station. So not only WU won't display these PM2.5 readings, but I would have to find a way to upload all the data together in one go.

Any suggestions for a good site to use to upload this sensor data (international)?


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