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In case anyone was wondering, Matthew Wall has already released a uploader for WeeWX:

I haven't tried it yet, so I can't offer any feedback on how it works right now.....
I just tried it and it errors out... I open a git hub issue.
still working out bugs....

the weewx-windy extension is working as of v0.2, with either python2 or python3.

we tried using POST, since that is the 'right' way to do http uploads.  unfortunately, despite what their web pages say, does not seem to support POST, at least not as of 18apr2019.

there were some hiccups using GET.  the servers will accept only imperial units, not metric units, even though the server responds with a 'Success' when you post metric units.  once again, this is as of 18apr2019.

hopefully will fix their api and/or documentation.


it looks like has fixed their POST responses.

weewx-windy 0.3 now does POST instead of GET.


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