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Uploading to CWOP but not FTP


I used to send data to CWOP with WeatherLink, but never used the FTP functions until recently.  I used FTP for a bit, but now I am done with that and want to stop using FTP.

I blanked out all of the FTP-related fields, and now an error appears in the WeatherLink log that says "Error Connecting to the FTP server (87)".  This did not happen before I started using FTP.  If I set "Internet Transfer Enabled" to OFF, then CWOP stops uploading.  Is there another setting to disable FTP that I am missing?


As far as I know Weatherlink uses telnet, not FTP to send the CWOP data. But turning the Internet Transfer in WL off will also turn off the CWOP data transmission. I used to send my CWOP data with WL but now use a free utility called VPLive from VPLive sends a more complete report, esp. when it comes to rain data.  


Mark / Ohio:
What version are you running?

I'm thinking that was one of the bugs supposed to be fixed in Version 5.7a.

Edit:  I just checked the readme file on WeatherLink 5.7a and did not see that bug listed in it or previous versions.  Maybe I'm thinking of something that was going on in past versions of VWS.

I love VPLive and plan to use it for CWOP in the near future, but I'm not running it 24/7 just yet -- maybe this will give me a good reason to do so!  :idea:

I am running WeatherLink 5.7a.  The main reason this is bugging me is because I used CWOP through WL for several weeks with no FTP settings, and no error messages appeared.  When I set up FTP, it worked fine.  Now I am done with FTP but it seems like once you populate the fields, it wants something there forever.

I sent Davis an e-mail, perhaps they can shed some light on it.



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