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DST date changes 2007

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Jim's Wx Sta:
Beginning next spring the "time change" dates will be changed.  (second Sunday of March and end the first Sunday of November)  I assume the WL pgm will have to be updated.  Does anyone know if Davis has plans for an update to accomodate the new changeover dates?


The VP2's already have an update that takes care of that. Nothing what so ever for VP1 users though.  :cry:


Mark / Ohio:
Looks like those of us with VP1's may be left in the cold on that one.  I believe a bios update is a work around for the VP2.  Some other programs allow an automatic clock set for the VP.  I believe Weather Display to be one program capable of it.  Will be interesting for those of us without the new settings to see how our database and software like to have an hour re-wrote in the fall setback.

As of Firmware Version Nov. 28, 2005 the DST was updated for VP2's. Note #7 on the list.

Jim's Wx Sta:
For those of us with Weather Monitor II, etc.  DST is a manual change, so I expect no problem there.  
However, I'm concerned about the sunrise/sunset schedule-as controlled by WL pgm (in particular that which uploads to web page)...will that time be off for several weeks?  Could be corrected with a WL pgm upgrade.



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