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My new weather Cam with Tempest data overlaid. Image updates every 10 min

I have 1 Hikvision IP camera (4K 8MP Bullet - DS-2CD2T85FWD-I8) that is mounted on my anemometer mast which is mounted on my roof, camera faces (East by South) Looking over the Tasman Sea (across the ditch) towards New Zealand from Beaumaris on the North East Coast of Tasmania. 
I'm using IP Timelapse to capture the images every 15 seconds to create a Daily time lapse movie (saved for last 7 days) as well as a Daily Sunrise and Sunset time lapse movie (saved for last 7 days), each image has my local weather data on the lower portion (Weather Data is captured using CumulusMX Software and obtained from Davis Vantage Pro 2 with FARS,UV and Solar).

Our Live Full Quality Image:

We also supply a Livestream from the same camera using Blue Iris Software :
Our onsite Weather Cam pages are on various templates :

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