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smorris: was originally created when the old Lightsoft Weather Center software business and forum went dormant. It was a place for LWC users to continue development of templates and to help new users get started. It eventually became a place for Mac weather software users of any flavor to congregate.

With the release of Trixology's WeatherCat (the re-invented LWC) last year, almost all of the LWC users moved over to the Trixology forum. Since then, participation on has dwindled to one or two posts a month, and spam has increased dramatically. This morning, the forum owner decided to close and redirect the URL to the Trixology forum.

I have saved several of the LWC help topics, so if anyone has anything in particular you need, let me know and I'll see if I have it.

Thanks for participating over there,

I had no idea WeatherCat was the follow-on to LWC.  I was an LWC user for a few months after having used WeatherTracker for several years, but ended up switching to WeatherSnoop.  I can't even remember why I made that last switch, but it must have been either missing features or instability.


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