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Help connecting RG11 and WD?


Ok, go easy on me, I've decided to experiment with these little fellas and need pointing in the right direction ;).

I have two on the way and my aim is to use one as early rain detection and one as TB for direct comparison against VP2 TB & CoCoRaHS Manual Rain Gauge.

So this is what I think I know,

1/ WD can use the RG11 as a TB and measure accumulative rain fall.

2/ WD can use the RG11 as "its raining".

I assume 2 WD's would need to be running or can one WD be used to monitor two RG11's?

From what I've read here WD uses a "1 wire counter" to connect the RG11 to a pc. Has someone got a link to one of these and do I need anything else to connect RG11 & 1 wire counter to pc.

Also, I read there are other ways of connecting the RG11. Either by A/D converter or by serial / USB using this method at

Is there a preferred method?

I know there's a few questions in there but I want to start off in the right place.

I'm grateful for any comments and helpful information.



Weather Display:
you can connect it straight up via a USB to serial adaptor
no need for 1 wire counter

WD then uses it as a rain detector (not as a rain gauge), via that way..see under setup, advanced/misc, rain..

if you connect up via a 1 wire counter then it can used as a rain gauge

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your quick reply. Can WD monitor 2 of these simultaneously, one set up as rain gauge and one as detector?



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