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--- Quote from: tbweather on March 24, 2008, 09:46:50 AM ---Well. that is my actual view. The real lighthouse is out in front of the house across the Bay. The model shown in the photo is a 1"=1' scale of the lighthouse tower that I got through John (WXWP at Lighthouse Weather ) from a guy in Delaware who builds lighthouse models. The keeper's house I built using dollhouse materials. The model sits next to the Davis weather station.

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That is an awesome view! Wow, am I envious!

That is also a very cool model. For a school project this last fall my son built a model of the Tawas Point lighthouse (well, guess who actually did much of the work ... mom and dad :lol: :roll:). I designed the conical tower to scale (the math part), and he selected various shapes (mini cereal boxes, etc.) for the rest. We hot-glued it all together and painted it. We left it out for show over the holidays for visitors to see; naturally it has since been relegated to the basement.

--- Quote from: tbweather on March 24, 2008, 09:46:50 AM ---I'm just happy if I wake up each morning. The view is a bonus. :-)

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He he he. How true for many of us.

Take care!



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