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As i am just getting started in this hobby would any of you be willing to share a picture of your weather rooms?


This was before I added the Davis VP2 station using the VUE console.

Just the basics.  Complete w/ children toys, window to look out of, computer, Vue Console, and not much else.

Here are some pictures of my weather room.

Front door (The top and side papers are NWS storm spotter traning certificates)

Crookes radiometer I have this next to the window in the morning the sun shines on it the little whirly spins.

The layout. You can see the VP2, WMR200 and WS1910U-IT to the right hand side.

Bedside weather. I have my bed next to the stations so I can see what's going on outside before I get up. The backlighting of the VP2 and WMR200 double as night lights since they both run continous.

Computer with WeatherDisplay pulled up.

Probably not the best weather room but it does it's purpose.

mckTXaws: you pictures are marked private, so don;t show up for the rest of us. ;)

Here's my corner of the dining room. Far right behind the tea mug is the Davis Weather Envoy. On screen are the gauges, charts, and info from Lightsoft Weather Center (LWC2) as well as the two web cam live video via EvoCam. To the left is an old Airguide anaerobic barometer from 30 years ago. Under the black cloth on the mug in the windowsill is the Logitech webcam. An emergency solar-powered weather radio is beside it, and a First Alert weather radio just off screen to the left.

Out the window you see the bird feeders that are the second image on my web page. And you can sorta see the wooden swing frame, which supports the sailboat mast that my Sharx webcam is mounted on.

Here's a diagram I did when I was setting up the system from the outside showing where I am.

And of course the rest of the system is in the garden (but you've seen that image often enough...)

Lot's more images here


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