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Sky/Current Weather conditions not appearing in the data.txt


  I have noticed recently that the sticker.php script was not showing the correct sky/weather conditions icons. I looked into the data.txt where the data comes from and noticed NO data in field 13 which should contain sky/current weather conditions. Was something changed in the script? Or did I turn off something in VWS to make this happen. All the other data seems to be updating correctly...


Nothing in the script changed AFAIK.  I think you may have to redesignate your primary conditions METAR source in VWS (first one in the list) to get the conditions back.  Or.. it may be that your selected METAR has no recent conditions...

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The METAR report shows the correct sky conditions.... But data.txt does not.....

   I went into my climate settings on VWS and found that my climate report was not updating and that the VWS_stickertags pulls that data from ^climate_ccoords1^. I enabled updates on it and now i have the right info coming across. Thanks Ken...

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