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Hi all.  Working on a few things here.  I've been adding a few more of Ken's scripts and have been very pleased with them.  I have seperate pages now for the area forecast discussions and active mesoscale discussions using the scripts.

What I want to do is to add a few different pages, one with convective outlooks and another with fire weather.    I've added the firedanger script on the main page but want to expand on that with a seperate page.  So my question is how do I set up other pages on my site and pull down the appropriate information/graphics from the NWS.  Do I actually need a script or is there a way just to embed a NWS url and have it open up and paint in one of my pages??

Any hints would be welcomed and helpful.  Thanks in advance.


It's nice to see another site using my CBI script. That's 2 this weekend!

I see you're using WD. Brian already has WD programmed to produce the Canadian Fire Weather Index.

If you look at www.sloweather.com, and click on the Fire Weather link in the left menu bar, there are several links to fire weather pages.

The top one is a script that I wrote that calculates some indexes, and accesses other daily calculated fire weather indexes which are made by another script and data from my weather station. That script runs on my server once a day just after midnight.

The rest of the Fire Weather links are to php pages that are SLOweather-branded, but import and link to NOAA and USFS fire weather images.

Is any of that what you had in mind?


Right now I'm running several different scripts and as this gets a little bigger it's going to be a challenge as to whose scripts I'm using.   :grin:  I do like that little script of yours as it's a very simple graphical system. 

Living in the forest fire danger is always in the back of our minds and I work a security detail for my employer and we work up fire weather 3 times a day during the "on" season.  We use an OLD sliderule and it's called the "Lake States Buring Index Meter" and the date on it is 1946!!!  It is set up for the lakes area and it consists of last rain, humidity, wind ect, to give us a burn index which is different than the chandler index.  I was looking for something similar for the web page and your smoky the bear script is a good one.

But what I had in mind is setting up seperate pages for regional fire weather as well as the daily convective outlook using the NWS graphics.  I know that I can provide links that will take people off site to the NWS pages but I would like to incorporate seperate pages within my website with the same look/layout and keep the ajax scripting on the pages.

Thats why I wasn't sure if scripts have to be imported to run like has been done for the area forecast and mesoscale discussions or if there was a simply way to link directly to the nws images and have the images and text imported to one of my webpages without needed a complicated script to do it.  If it takes a script then I have to believe that other websites must have them to do something similar.  I'll have to do some searching on the nws websites to see if they have a repository of scripts or something.

Do you have any formulas or equations for the "Lake States Burning Index Meter"? Or, if it's a specially made slide rule, can you scan it?

Not really.  I might be able to make a photocopy of it and fax it out. 

The footer says:

Issued by the
Lake States Forest Experimental Station
University Farm, St. Paul MN

The scale go's from 0 to 100

0-1 Safe
2-3 Very Low
4-6 Low
7-12 Moderate
13-24 High
25-49 Very High
50 + Extreme

I don't know how this corresponds to existing indexes


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