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New ajaxWDwx.js (V2.09) and WD/PHP/AJAX demo package available


First, I should say Merry Christmas!

I've updated the ajaxWDwx.js script to have several requested features:
1) ability to limit the number of updates before pausing (page reload will restart the script)
2) new date/time ajax tags (thanks to Kevin at tnetweather.com)
3) other new ajax variable tags added to the set
4) support added for other wind-rose wind direction icon displays and added a wr-calm.gif icon to my set.
5) I collected all the static English words used in displays in the script to a new area (just under the settings) so it should be easier for you to customize the script for other languages.
See the comments in the script for further info.

The AJAX/WD/PHP demo program set was updated, and a new 'dashboard' demo was added to the 'sidebar' demo (along with the associated test pages).  The sidebar and dashboard now use the forecast icons from the NWS-only advforecast2.php script as part of the display .. it should be easy to change it to use the equivalent WU-forecast.php script instead for the icons.  Both sidebar and dashboard have settings for display units, so the structure should be easy to change to units of measure different from the (quaint) ones used in the USA.

Download ajaxWDwx.js from http://saratoga-weather.org/AJAX/WD/ajaxWDwx.js
Download the wr-calm.gif icon and add to your ./ajax-images/ if you're using the wr-*.gif set
Download new PHP demo package from http://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-WD-AJAX-PHP.php#WDajaxPHP

You can run the AJAX gizmo testpage, AJAX sidebar testpage, or the new AJAX dashboard testpage from the scripts page above or via these links.

I've updated the carterlake/AJAX template set with the new ajaxWDwx.js and wr-calm.gif, so if you're a current user of the template set, only the two changed files are needed.

I've also been working with Kevin to produce a new carterlake/AJAX/PHP website that uses Kevin's included site control structure .. that needs a bit more work as we're finishing up.  You can sneak a peek at the working draft if you like.  It should be ready early January for distribution.

Best regards,

Thanks Ken

I am using the ajax dashboard on my weather site


You're welcome Mike!
I've added your site to the list of WD/AJAX/PHP sites on the scripts page.

Best regards,


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