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Death Valley hits 130 degrees, highest temperature on Earth in over 100 years

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There are plenty of news links on this new record...many more than these.

Death Valley is also one of those few places that is below sea level.

Thought this might be okay to post here as long as we are posting extremes:


Greg H.

I always like the bit where they say it's possibly the highest temp recorded in more than a century .... which begs the question, you mean it's been hotter,which then asks the question, well why was otter more than a 100 years ago, sort of blows the climate change stuff out of the window? Supports the rational theory that the climate is ever changing and cyclic and quite different to the alarmists

you are missing the point about how statistics works
no one said there was never any extremes
there always has been and always will be

think of the extremes , both hot and cold, as zig zag lines going up and down on a temperature line
as you lift the background warming, like an offset, then you end up breaking more extreme hot temperature records than extreme cold temperature records
i.e the same weather pattern that caused the record 100 years ago today probably would have resulted in a new record
put it another way, the weather pattern that caused that record 100 years ago was likely to have been extreme and wont happen again very often
but here you have that record being broken when the sun is in a very low and long period of no sunspots and there is a la nina at play...both should be causing colder conditions, not hotter conditions ..i.e this record was broken rather easily due to the background global warming


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