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I may have spoken to soon. 10 minutes after writing the above post I got my first lightning strike which I assume is false. Lot's of high clouds with rain forecast for tomorrow but no obvious reason for a strike. Could unseen electrical activity cause a false reading?   
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by ocala on Today at 06:22:30 PM »
Not quite that low here, 2.22, but it's dropping everyday.
Herbaldew, sorry to hear of your troubles with the WFL

I would like to second the comment about the support from Wojtek and Ryan.  I also was having real problems and ultimately frustrated to the point of returning the product; both Wojtek and Ryan stepped up.  Long story short, we did get it working (and has been since) and I did not have to return, even though they made it clear that the return option WAS available.

As you stated – unheard of support; nice to see this.
...and I usually replace the hex-nuts with SS wing-nuts for easier ON & OFF servicing.
Too Darn Many Idjiots in the same Spaces!
Like the original OP on this thread, I also live in the Bay Area (North Bay) and ever since getting my Atlas last week I've had no issues including the lightning sensor problem. Although we haven't had any storms since I installed it (just wildland fire smoke conditions) I haven't had any false readings either. Having read Victoria's comments about the issue being corrected is it safe to say that my unit purchased off Amazon last week has already had the lightning sensor issue corrected before it went out?

With a storm arriving tomorrow supposedly it'll be interesting to see how the unit does.
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by stevebrtx on Today at 03:14:53 PM »
Wow, Happy Thanksgiving! I filled up today at $2.07. I'd have filled up a jerry can if I had one -ha. I'm headed down to San Antonio for Turkey day and thought it would be good to have some fresh juice.
Ambient Weather Station / Re: uploads
« Last post by galfert on Today at 03:00:49 PM »
It works pretty much like Weather Underground. With WU you can upload every couple seconds. It is not uncommon to upload every 5 to 15 seconds in what WU calls Rapid Fire uploading. But the data kept is likewise only every 5 minutes.

With the purpose of uploading every 1 minute (or seconds in the case of WU), is to have an online dashboard that is live almost like your display console. In both cases the online services only keep the average or peak or 5 minute mark of that 5 minute span for historical data. I don't know exactly what gets committed.

If you change it to only upload every 5 minutes then you are loosing resolution for data averaging or peak capture. But predominantly you loose the "Live" instant view of the data.

As for added bandwidth usage, I would say unless you are on a metered connection you probably don't need to worry. It isn't going to affect other Internet activity like browsing or video streaming.
Custom Website Templates / Re: HOMEWEATHERSTATION Dashboard template
« Last post by erikmm on Today at 02:41:48 PM »
I just cannot stop laughing... sorry... its just unbelievable... how many times did he do this in the 3yr history of his template? Give it a few weeks...

Yes I also have much less time now, but I dont delete stuff and dont grouch about it all the time

Been away for long time due to illness, and what is the first thing I still bitching about him...

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Ambient Weather Station / uploads
« Last post by madkiwi on Today at 01:38:50 PM »
So I set up my WS-2902a to do 1 minute upload intervals. I notice the info displayed on my dashboard is 5 minute intervals. OK, makes sense, displaying all that data gets complicated. So I click on the database download option, thinking it would contain all the uploaded data... nope. The CSV file is 5 minute intervals.

So where is all that raw data? Should I maybe just adjust the upload interval to 5 minutes? No point in using the bandwidth if it isn't being stored for me.

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