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Hi all.

I have a davis vantgue vue which is about 12 months old and im thinking of going overto Ecowitt system as you can add more sensors to it.
Does WD support this through an API? as I have seen an option for this in WD, and will it display the same as a davis system.

Thanks in advance

Yes to all your questions,

Weather Display fully supports Ecowitt Stations and Sensors.

I have been running for sometime now :)

Works great and allows me to send my data to other 3rd party platforms :)

thansk fro that info I thought as much, so now I have just got to get the ecowitt wittboy installed and working, but its finding the time.

Whats your website URL?


You can find my Ecowitt station running through WD at which might give you an idea about how it works.


PS. I am getting some fake lightning strikes at present due I think to some building work over the road!


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