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Test tool - weather station relay


In the process of redeveloping my weather station design for an Ethernet connection (was 3G or WIFI) and stress testing the ethernet hardware/software availability, I created a device/tool that queries a WU station's current readings using an API call via my API key, then sends them to WU under the credentials of a different (proposed) station.  It's based on an Arduino Uno or Mega microprocessor with a basic Ethernet shield (cost, about $50 or so using generic clone hardware). Extra reliability is possible using a hardware watchdog timer.

A free WU account/API key such as we get when we register a station allows a maximum of 1500 API requests a day, so the tool can realistically only update once a minute.   If you think you might find this useful for whatever reason, and would use it responsibly, drop me a PM and I can send the code.

PS: In my testing I relayed data from a nearby station so that the data displayed by my faux station was at least credible for that location and would pass WU quality control.


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