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Need help to fix a bug. After update wrong values


Seeking help to fix a bug.
When my weather page is displayed, the dates displayed are correct, Date, temperature, etc., but the next time the website makes an auto update, the values will be changed to some data from 2018.
Why is it that happens ?  incorrect autoupdate the wrong values are loaded?

Tried the following:
In Weather Display I have selected "Control panel" - Wef Files / Web page real time FTP / WDL and pressed "Start now"

Has in frontend via Filezilla, checked to bla. clientraw.txt has been updated.

Se attached image.
Show before and after data on my homepage
The Frontend filedirectory "Webfiles" and "Clientraw.txt "
What I have done i  Application Weather Display

its possible the web page script is loading a clientraw file from a wrong location (i,e an old file)
this is not a fault of WD
which has been answered,72400.0/topicseen.html


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