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VWS communication lost, or computer freeze


I have had trouble keeping my VWS running smoothly for long periods of time (a week?) without a manual
computer reboot (it won't let me 'restart' or 'power down' the computer).  I have to force the computer
down (holding the computer power button), then start it back up (using the computer power button). 
Rebooting DOES fix my VP problems, and it fine for a while (a week?) then it all freezes again! 

Within VWS, in the program settings, there is a 'reboot schedule'.  Whenever I turn this on, I have even
MORE problems with VWS 'freezing' (every day or two).  I DO have the 'restart program if communication lost
for 5 minutes (it does not seem to work).  So, I try to set up a 'reboot schedule' within the program
settings.  I have tried both 'interval' and 'scheduled times'.  It works SOME of the time, but every couple
of days, my computer freezes again.  Most often I get the message 'cannot communicate...' message. 
Other times, my computer just freezes.

I am running VWS on an XP computer service pack 3.  VWS is version 14.01 p35.  I am not using VWS for the
jpg updates to the internet server... I use FLING version 2.21.  I also use Weather Link version 5.9.2 .I
use COM3 on a NETMOS serial port, which I have 'enabled'.

George Richardson:
Frankly, there are many people with your problem, to some degree. I would suggest you consider SoftWx's suite of programs, Startwatch, Virtual VP and VP Live. If you're a tightwad :roll:, I think StartWatch is free for only one program, but for $55 you can have all three and they really should take care of your problem. It probably won't be plug and play but plug and fiddle works.

I agree with George (haven't forgotten you George!).

I have the same issues and I use Fling also. I thought that Fling would take care of my communications problems but I don't believe so. Startwatch restarts my WD all the time, have no idea what's going on there, it's not doing much. VWS seems to get it's panties in a wad after about 2-3 days, Startwatch ends up loading multiple copies of it even though it's been told not to. A couple of years ago I was restarting daily and I'm almost tempted to do it again until I can build a new computer and do a fresh install of everything.

I had the same problem and wrote a VB6 program that restarts VWS when it sees the "Communication Port Error" box.

The program can be downloaded here==> (It is free download, be patient!)

This includes source code and is supplied, as you all know, as-is, no warr ... ah you get it.


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