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Very Funny


I copied this from the Storm2K forum.
Granted, the guy only had it for a month and probably needed some education on the proper installation but I found this hilarious.

I've been using my Davis Vantage2 station for over a month and it's worth every penny.

I have it simply mounted on a tripod outside in my backyard. The anemometer is at about seven feet off the ground.

During a thunderstorm two days ago I was watching the console. I saw the winds creeping up as the storm hit....10mph 15mph 20mph 25mph....27mph and then all of a sudden it went to zero.

After sitting at zero for about one minute I knew what must have happened.

I went outside in the lightning and quickly picked it up off the grass and ran back inside. The station itself was not damaged thank goodness. I guess in 30mph gusts the thing will keel over if not nailed down.

I guess I need to nail it down for the next storm.

That is funny.  I'm surprised that it didn't happen sooner.

At least I know where to find the guy who will hold my aluminum ladder during a storm while I make repairs to my satellite dish...


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