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Anemometer Cable shortening on new Vantage Pro 2


I finally received my Vantage Pro2 and really like it.  I have the ISS mounted on a pole 6' above grass and the readings look good.  Of course there's no rain in the forecast, as much as I wish for it.  I did have my anemometer on the same pole in my backyard but it received no wind.  I ordered a Transmitter and I'm putting it on a unused TV pole on top of mu two story house.  It's still not above the trees but it's a much better location.  Since I'm mounting the anemometer and transmitter on the same pole is it advised to cut the wire to make it shorter?  Will I gain anything?  Has anyone done this?  Thanks.

Shortening the cable doesn't hurt anything but from a warranty standpoint I would leave it as is.

I agree with Talbert, don't cut it. Just roll it up and attach it to your tower.

Because... one day you might find that you need that extra length for a different install...

Thanks everyone, I'll leave it coiled and attach it to the pole.


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