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I'm planning on buying a Vantage Pro 6152 in the near future. I'm a novice but have been reading the Forums for TONS of good information. I live in a suburban area with lots of trees. Right now I don't think I can get high enough to get above them. I thought I'd start out by just putting the ISS on a pole in the backyard. I realize the wind speed won't be correct but I can live with that for now. I've read about mounting on a 4x4 cedar post, 10' with 3' in the ground. I did go to Menard's yesterday and found a 10' Douglas Fur. I haven't read many suggestions to place it on a metal pole. Could I get a 10' long round fencing post and sink it in concrete? Is there a reason wood is preferred? Thanks.

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You could use a metal pole and concrete but I think most people use a 4x4 just because its easier.
As for the anemometer, most people aren't lucky enough to have an unobstructed view so don't sweat that too much.  However you should mount it appx 33ft above the ground. The best way to do it would be to buy the wireless anemometer and mount it on your roof or where ever you have the least amount of trees. Keeping the annie at 6ft with the ISS your wind data wouldn't be too accurate. I understand that maybe the cost of getting the wireless annie at this time may be an issue but in the long run its the best way to go.

I actually use a 6X6 to give it a little more strength so you may want to look into that too. As far as mounting your components correctly you may also want to read the CWOP siting guide at the link below.

The CWOP siting guide mentioned in an earlier post is very good. It specifies the ideal siting to which we strive. But most people for various reasons have to make compromises to that ideal.

Here are a whole bunch of photos of folk's weather stations you could look at for ideas.
I mounted my anemometer on a pole so it's about 6-10 ft above the roof of our workshop. The ISS unit is on a 6 ft 4x4. One thing I need to do is cut the top of the 4x4 so it's angled. If it's flat, you can get rain splashback into the rain gauge. Angling it lessens that.


I'm in the process of getting a Davis 6152 as well, and have been looking at the same issues as you jpmorgan49.  My ISS sighting will be a compromise, as my backyard is only around 4.5m (14'9") wide.  The position I have chosen is away from trees, but will be around 3m (apx 10') from the house.  I'm mounting the anemometer on a 1.8m (6') rafter mount aerial pole, pretty much at the top of the roof, which will put it around 7.2m (23' 6") above ground level.  I'm running cable for everything as well.  Nearest structure is a double storey house around 20m away.  I know I could get the anemometer to 10M (30') by guying a mast, but I'm concerned with the asthetics as well.  The aerial mast at the height I'm planning is not out of place in the neighbourhood, but a 5m (16') guyed mast atop my roof would be.

ISS to be mounted on a redgum fence post (aprox 5"x3") fixed in concrete. The ISS will be around 1.5m-1.8m (5'-6') off the ground.  The ISS won't be above grass though - don't have that anymore, it's all died as we're not allowed to water lawns anymore due to water restrictions. I'll probably have chip-bark or something similar underneath instead.

That flicker link is great Tinplate.


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