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Every once in a while, I like to browse the sites of the forum members... looking for ideas for when I eventually get away from the standard Davis template...

Today I ran across "Curly's" site, and thought he had a pretty cool solution for an enclosure:

Hope you don't mind the attention Curly... and your page design is quite different from others I've seen too...

Anyway, very slick enclosure...

My enclosuer is was made from various sizes of PVC pipe. I aquired it when I aquired an OS WMR-968 from a user on another forum. It's only been up a little over a week and seems to be working quiet well. This summer with tell the tale.

I would give out the design. But since this was designed and built by someone else I'll respect his hard work and effort and not give it out.

As soon as the weather breaks, I'll snap some more pictures of the shelter and updated the web site. That could be next week or next month....


I have sent you an e-mail regarding this.  :wink:


Hey Curley....

What a GREAT setup! Very impressive to say the least. I've always wondered if my VP2 would hold up in a really bad storm or hurricane. The enclosure you've put together looks like it would hold up to a Cat5.

Thanks for the project idea.


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