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Lithium ion supercap to replace original supercap

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I found some intriguing YouTube videos regarding Lithium ion supercaps. (AKA hybrid)

After having a second supercap failure, these sound interesting. Has anyone experimented with these? I am considering replacing the supercap in one of my SIM transmitters.

Greg H.

I ordered some 30F 3.8V VMF306M3R8 supercaps from Mouser to experiment with.

They are CDE (Cornell Dublier) Ultracapacitors, Lithium Ion type. I'll report my results after I install them. It will be a "worked, didn't work" report, nothing comprehensive.

Greg H.

I changed the cap this morning to the "ultracap". It went the same as other supercap remove/replace instances.

The caps arrived with about 3.2V charge (all 5 caps). They say not to let the leads short, so I was careful of that. The precharge is similar to the lithium CR123A when it is fully charged.

The station is reporting data again and is working. Hopefully, the charging/discharge will be OK. I suspect that I'll see a longer run time on the cap since it is 30F and the original is 10F.

It was an unremarkable, routine exercise. If anything unusual develops, I'll post it here.

Greg H.

Thanks for the background, the install and if any problems (even if none) a future post to ahem re-cap your experiences.

Hope all is running well and you're enjoying the great summer like weather in late spring.  At least over here in EC.  Dale

We need an opinion if the solar panel can charge 30 F.


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