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Garth Bock:
If you get the Davis Email newsletter you already know but I thought I'd post the highlight here.

"firmware update (V1.2 will be pushed to consoles during the week of May 22nd), we added the following features:

Map Tab: See conditions and details for stations worldwide on your screen.

Remote Alarm Receiver: Set alarms on for any of your stations and send them to your console.

Remote Data Viewing: See the current conditions from your remote weather station on the console.

Energy Saver Mode: Choose to have the console screen go to sleep when you do.

Do Not Disturb: Set times where alarms do not wake the screen or make sounds.

Rain Recap Icon: Icons in the monthly review indicate days with rain.

Wake Up: Wake up the console with a single tap.

Sleep Mode: Set the number of minutes to enter sleep mode when not on primary power."

I just updated and the sky condition forecast bubble and also if you use that on a panel it doesn’t show up on your console but will on the other stations you might have that you have on WeatherLink. Now if you swipe left you get to see their data.  Not sure if I can get the sky condition forecast bubble back. I tried a reboot and went offline but nothing.  Let me know if anyone else has experienced this and if you were able to fix it. Thanks. Mike.

I too had trouble with the Sky Condition Bubble.  I selected heat index and saved and then redid the sky condition and came back. 

I also did a reset after the update as well.  With the R on the back since I thought that would fix the bubble but it didnít.  But selecting another source and then back to sky condition worked for me.  Hope this helps.

Yep did that last night and still nothing but this morning itís working so not sure if it fixed itself or what.  Thanks cmelby76.

I did the update this morning at 3:30. I thought it did the install automatically. I saw the button that said update software. Maybe it does auto install and I caught it just after the download after all it was early in the morning. It appears that the sunrise/sunset is now working without changing screens to update it. Still no ticker tape so far. It left when I did a factory reset. Sky condition bubble working now. I think we are on the right track. It would be a good feature to display a message on the ticker tape that a update is ready to install.


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