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Problem with date display on main page

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--- Quote from: garlandclan on April 29, 2023, 12:48:34 PM ---Hey Wim,

I have a working copy of the website on my actual Weewx box.  This way I can make changes, and test before copying the files over to the actual website.  I changed it locally and it produced no different result.  For visibility I have synced the local copy to the web, so you can see that there is no change.

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It works OK, but you have to refresh the javascripts in your browser.
different for every browser on every platform.
My Mac => right click, select inspect, circled arrow next to the locked in the adress area
Select "forced reload or whatever it says in English.


--- Quote from: wvdkuil on April 29, 2023, 01:00:09 PM ---It works OK, but you have to refresh the javascripts in your browser.

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On most PCs use Ctrl-F5

And check your Status page: I think WU radar disappeared a long time ago  :-)

Hey everyone - thank you!!!  I should have known/done the refresh thing.  I haven't had to do that on a webpage in a while.  As an IT guy by day, I'm in websites all day every day (have like 100 tabs open) and really haven't thought about that in a while.  Works like a dream though.

Good hint on the status page.  I'll clean that up as well.  This box was running very old scripts for a long time, and then I killed it (literally broke it bad) so this is it's *new* reincarnated version with fresh everything for the most part. 

Thanks again everyone!


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