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Sorry forgot to link the lilygo product page:
These are the github of the 'weather projects' ( not sure if one of these is already preprogrammed in the board ):

If you like a more stylish project, this is a great ( but not 'ready made' as the lilygo one, and 7.5" e-paper displays are not on the cheap side ):


--- Quote from: vinceskahan on March 17, 2023, 09:50:36 PM ---Any of the 70+ station types weewx supports if you run the Belchertown skin or if you use the weewx forecast extension and pick who you want your forecast to come from.

--- End quote ---

One problem is that the great majority of AWS buyers do not have the interest or IT skills to run and maintain weewx successfully. They want a configuration that is as close to turnkey as possible. This is not to say anything against weewx - it is undoubtedly a very impressive, flexible and powerful piece of software, but most AWS buyers honestly wouldn't have a clue where to start with it. I know that there are some enthusiastic weewx users as members here, but sadly they are not representative of the wider constituency of AWS purchasers more generally. (Although maybe the OP is perfectly happy to test-drive weewx?)

I think that there are very few ways to get a reasonably accurate forecast from any software running an AWS. The primary purpose of all this AWS software is to run the weather station and gather data. In my view to get a sensible forecast you either need to find one of the weather forecasting services for your location which from experience gives an accurate forecast or you need to invest in some specialised forecasting software which uses available atmospheric data together with your AWS data to come up with a local forecast. In my experience this is also quite complex and not for the faint hearted, and may well not be free!



--- Quote from: broadstairs on March 18, 2023, 06:35:13 AM ---I think that there are very few ways to get a reasonably accurate forecast from any software running an AWS.
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Yes, agreed if that software is trying to generate a forecast only from its own logged data. But if the software is pulling in data from one of the global weather models in the cloud then the forecast could be as good as you are ever likely to see, at least with the current technology and evolution of the model algorithms.


--- Quote from: johnd on March 17, 2023, 06:27:35 PM ---The new Davis 6313 console has forecast data for several days built-in that is generated by a big international weather model in the cloud. the weather predictions can be viewed graphically. I forget which model is the source. Like all forecast models, it is only an approximate guide to the local microenvironment. Maybe Davis will build in the ability to tweak the forecast according to what the station actually records one day, like learning over time from the discrepancies between prediction and outcome.

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Thanks for reply.
I tried to find more information, even I read manual for that console.
But as I understand this is a new product - and there is no real usage reviews at this moment?
And there is no information about quality of this forecast.

Did You used that console?

There is 3-6x price difference when comparing Vue/VP2 packages with that console to newest Ecowitt Wittboy with console or Tempest Weather station. 
Question is this worth??? Davis Weather stations looks very dated..

Can the forecast be exported to Home Assistant?


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