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I have a station on WU. Here is the link

I have a website running Wordpress  ( and I would like to ceate a weather page on that site. I could just post the link but I am trying to figure out if WU has embed code that would work better.

I used to manage a station that had a weatherlink account and Davis made it pretty easy to get embed code. I have done some searching but I don't see how to get embed code from WU. Any ideas?

Wunderground used to offer weather stickers for your website.. they've discontinued that so it is no longer available.


Perhaps try using an iframe?

Rich K.


--- Quote from: havtrail on December 08, 2022, 08:03:20 PM ---Perhaps try using an iframe?

--- End quote ---

Well that would be great if I knew how. Will WU work in an iframe?  Also, see below. Its not that simple as far as I could tell.

I made some progress since I first posted. I knew from the past that Weatherlink supplied emded code. So I enabled WL in my Wifilogger and then worked to get their emded code to work on my site. It used work simply and easily. Not any longer. My website is in Wordpress and the URL that WL supplies would not work in a standard embed block now or in an HTML block. It is in fact an iframe syntax and there is some problem with that in Wordpress. I eventually got it to work but I had to use an Iframe plugin. You can see the results here:

Even if I used my WU station URL for the source in an Iframe, it would be much too long. I just wanted a simple display of the current data. The Davis embeds do that. I have the full WU feed linked for those that want to see the charts and all. I don't think WU has a simple display like the Davis embed.

I posted on the Wordpress forum asking why the embed URL doesn't work in their embed block but no one has replied.


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