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Drone over Andover, KS

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I have only seen drones, and one day long ago, a neighbor with a DJI phantom 3, perhaps, let me take it up from his back yard, hover at about 75', turn back and forth and bring it in to land.  He showed how an emergency return to take off point worked, all this while there was no wind whatsoever.

I'm not sure how fast and smoothly the gimbals work, but on big helicopters with movie cameras attached, they do well, witness the end scene of Sound of Music and then compare to the scenes in Lord of the Rings series.

I am envious of your drones and their capabilities.  Zipped around with them seems fun, but my own interest is in aerial photography, both still and video.  The effects of wind on the output would be of great interest to see how much the electronics and servos can help counter the buffeting. 

This was shot in 30+ mph gusts and spotting with rain, I just had to get the rainbow and was lucky to catch a lightning strike

This was a 25mph test, I take it to the anemometer so you can see the rough speed, the mini gets buffeted some as it's only 249g but you can see that the gimbal keeps the camera steady, the above was shot using the mini 2 too..

Well, thank you, now you made my desire of having a drone into a lust!

Were you controlling the drone to make it stay on target and that steady, or is it a function of the internal workings to stay about in position station keeping with the anemometer?  In other words, did you fly it up there and it held position, or were you constantly working the joysticks to keep it there?

The lightning strike in the rainbow video was grand.  It looks very sharp and nicely done.

I wonder if you were on a pitching boat (small or large) and had the drone energized so the gimbal and electronics were working if it would steady the shots, too?
Thanks again for sharing, this is great.  Dale

Thanks, with drones, all you have to do is let go of the sticks and it will just sit there till the battery failsafe kicks in and then it will land automatically, its point and shoot lol, unless of course there's an issue with the GPS, then it will drop into whats called ATTI mode and it loses position hold, but easily flyable as they don't lose height unless you tell it to.

It would work in your pitching boat scenario but only till it reaches the gimbal's tolerances, they are very good but there is a limit, also moving moving is say sports mode to counter say 30mph, the gimbals tend to struggle some, stationary much better...


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