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Stealth Contrails, wanna be Mammatus, Shelf, Kelvin-Helmoltz & Lenticulars

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Randall Kayfes:
The title says it all three stealth B2's in formation, wanna be Mammatus, wanna be Shelf, wanna be Kelvin-Helmoltz's and wanna be lenticular clouds all with a couple of week's time in Southern Arizona...

The stealth bomber contrail's

Broken Shelf Cloud

Kelvin-Helmoltz Clouds almost

Sloshy Lenticulars

Loose Mammatus'

The B2's... =D> Wish I had seen that! Nice find.

Randall Kayfes:
Would have been awesome on your radar!

Waaay above our purview here as they're within ABQ ARTCC airspace. Never would have saw them. Still, cool pic.

Rarely, but every so often I'll catch one or a U2 or B1 - - zoom out to the whole US and sort by speed or altitude or model.


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