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Installed a spare CoCoRaHS gauge I had to check the accuracy of the gauge I use (wondering if it is too close to a tree), and to be able to compare it with the VP2 gauge. Recently the difference in measured amounts in the VP2 and CoCoRaHS gauge have increased from .01 to .03". (CoCo is less every time)

Should be interesting to see what data I get. I never use the auto VP2 for my CoCo reports, and I will continue to use the official gauge as I run my little experiment.

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For what it is worth, my Stratus gauge for CoCoRaHS is consistently less than the VP2 single spoon.   For instance, yesterday it was 1.72 vs 1.84.  Typically it is about .06/inch less.

Same here. My stratus is always less than VP2 single spoon.

I was seeing .01" less per event in the CoCoRaHS gauge compared to the VP2 tipping spoon. Pretty consistently. Now I am seeing .03" difference and I am thinking that the ash tree is making its presence known to the south. Last two rains have come from that direction. Anyway, placing the spare CoCo out by the VP2 may show me something. Might be time to position my official CoCo out there as well.

Now I have to hope that this little experiment won't curse precip chances. The weather gods have a strange sense of humor with this sort of thing.

oddly mine match up.   I must have the luck of the draw.


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