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Are there any programs similar to Adobe Lightroom?

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I have used Adobe Lightroom for years, and while not perfect, it does all the things I usually  need to do, and isn't like PhotoShop which for me is difficult to learn and I forget how to do some things between uses.

I've been able to do well with the last version which allowed you to buy it once and keep using it.  I now need to build a new computer to replace the one LR was on, and cannot find the disk set to install it again.

LR is still offered by Adobe, but only on a $10/month subscription rate.  I'm not sure I use it that much and while Adobe controls it's own software, I find it a bit of a burr under my saddle to pay for a few months of not using it, keeping it activated until I do need it.

I have tried Adobe Elements, which seems to be to be a more click the next box to get adjustments rather than finely tweaking contrast, etc.  I thought there was an expert mode to switch it to act more like LR, but I've not been able to get it to do that.

So the question is:  Are there good quality programs that are not Adobe which can be bought for  use and to continue to  use without monthly fees, or is my choice really only to bite the bullet and sign up to try LR online for a few months or buy a year's worth and see if I use it enough to keep subscribing?

I'm looking for any leads the members of this forum can give me.
Thanks. Dale

I've been using a very nice product the last few years. It's not a subscription product. However, it is updated with new features each year and there is a reduced price if you're updating from a previous version. The product is called ON1 Photo Raw.


Adobe products were always way more than what I needed so I do not know how many features that you need to use. Everything that I have needed to do, can be done with one of the 4 Faststone programs. FastStone Image Viewer 7.5 and FastStone Photo Resizer 4.3 are freeware. FastStone Capture 9.6  and FastStone MaxView 3.3  are shareware with a $19.95 (each) to get a lifetime license.

Look at the ImageViewer features and see if this might do what you need.

Maybe rawtherapee?

Thank you to all who've given me hints to try.

Just going to the various home pages suggested enlightened me to a lot of very sophisticated programs, with capabilities that will likely handle what I will need, as an amateur.

Now to try each to see how the workflow goes.

Again, thank you, and thanks for this forum to share and ask questions.


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