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Hi There....
With reference to my wireless Vantage Pro2. +UV & Solar Radiation
Following a VERY close lightning strike the ISS has failed to transmit any data to the console.
The console was unaffected.
There is no physical damage to the ISS, so it was obviously not a direct strike.
Is there anything I can do to salvage or reset the ISS transmitter unit or will I have to replace it?
Thank you all, and kind regards.
Ian Malik

Good morning

I can NOT guarantee this is a solution but last June similar happened to mine with a close proximate strike not a direct strike.
My console  I noticed shortly after was not receiving any data or signal from the ISS.

I did this

1. took ISS down , took indoors removing wind sensor cable prior

2. unplugged removed all RJ jack (sensors)

3. Disconnected Solar panel connector

4.removed Lithium battery CR123A

5. left it for aprox one hour (no specific reason for time just went for a walk)

came back reconnected all RJ sensors , solar panel, inserted CR123A

voila all working !

as above can not guarantee this is a solution for you .you may have circuit damage , small internal component failure ,its not uncommon to find circuit board tracks burnt out or lifted off the board after a surge in current/voltage .

fingers for you but if that doesn't work then its something more serious and could be a dumpster scenario with possibility of salvaging some of the sensors but then you would still need a functioning ISS to check if any sensors have failed..


Thank you Brian!!  Your procedure is certainly worth a try which is very much appreciated. I will let you know in due course of the outcome. Kind regards.

Amazing development ........ 24 yours after the event it sprang back into life, like nothing had ever happened!! For obvious reasons I am very happy. Thank you for your advice and comments. Ian Malik  [tup]


--- Quote from: ianmalik on May 04, 2021, 09:56:33 PM ---Amazing development ........ 24 yours after the event it sprang back into life, like nothing had ever happened!!

--- End quote ---
Speaking from experience, that sounds more like a water incursion, not a lightning induced failure. When electronics fry, they're done. When they get wet (at least my with my ISS), they have potential life after a thorough drying. That's what happened to me with a cracked solar panel door.


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