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How many inches of rain will my rain gauge hold

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Well, going through Hurricane Hanna mine overflowed. Last night about 8 it had .4 and this morning overflowed. McAllen airport is recording 7" at this time with more coming.

In the training slide show it says:

The whole gauge has a
capacity to hold eleven inches.

Greg H.

After I made that silly statement I walked out to my gauge and it had not overflowed like I thought when I made that observation from the deck. So I brought it in and measured the water was 10.3". Now we've had another .55". Good rain except for all the wind.

Nothing like 10 plus inches of rain. :grin:
I know during hurricane Irma a couple years ago I emptied mine halfway through just so that wouldn't happen.

You know, I thought about that but as hard as the wind was blowing and pouring rain I just let her go. But a great idea that I'll have to keep in mind the next time.


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