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My BloomSky stuff to wunderground


Hi Guys
I've just setup my BloomSky devices web cam and WX data, Can some kind person show me how To migrate this stuff to wunderground !

Ken Thatcham uk.

I think all you have to do is go to this page with your Bloomsky account, to enable it.


Of course, you'll need to setup a WUnderground account first.

  =D> thanks, that's just what I was looking for, All done here!

Cheers k

It is amazing I have been trying all day to get my bloomsky 2 not the storm just the bloomsky 2 to send still photos every 5 mins 300 secs. to WU I went thru to registering sever times delete tried again and still nothing! I have tried FTP I have tried URL I have tried to contact them for maybe a URL from my bloomsky I can use to send WU stills every 5 mins? But no return calls or anything I am very frustrated at the moment! Any solid help on something that will trigger the uploads to WU would be sweet. Here is the developer API code I can get from my camera. But WU doe not have that option like FTP/URL/API now if that was the case it just might work the API part.

BloomSky Developer API

Your API Key:


The BloomSky API gives you, the developer, the most recent
data from your own device! This data can be accessed at: api.bloomsky.com/api/skydata/

Just add the following header: {'Authorization': Your API Key }
and you'll be set to go! For more information, check out our API documentation on our blog here.


If you have any problems or want to let us know how we can
make BloomSky more awesome, feel free to contact us at support@bloomsky.com or visit our support page.

It doesn't work that way.  Bloomsky devices only uploads its pictures to the Bloomsky server.  Then you go into that http://WUN.bloomsky.com site and then tell them to send a picture to WUnderground.  The camera itself can't do it directly to WU.

The API is used for other things.  Like the PHP code used on your own personal site to view the most recent picture.


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