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--- Quote from: galfert on June 03, 2019, 09:55:08 PM ---
--- Quote from: Jstx on June 03, 2019, 09:40:40 PM ---Which is why I've mentioned the present day PWS heavies perhaps becoming endangered clinging to their proprietary architectures and schemes. You remember how the PC industry got shaken out way back when [~1980's on].

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Yup...totally. Remember Compuserv, Prodigy, GEnie and how you could only email to other people if you were on the same online service? Then came the Internet and they added connectivity between services for email. But then they stopped being relevant because something better came out...AOL. But then years later AOL too became irrelevant. I'm all for industry standards. Shame we don't have that for weather hardware.

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I pre-date all that stuff [but later used some of it, esp. AOL...], was sending 'email' and doing 'other' stuff on a private net from the early '70's.
I hope they come up with some WX standards, if not somebody else just may eat their lunch, dinner, and supper.
There is certainly a growing worldwide demand for WX data: "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way."


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--- Quote from: Jstx on June 03, 2019, 10:01:22 PM ---
--- Quote from: nincehelser on June 03, 2019, 08:46:26 PM ---When (and if) Acurite decides to "flip the switch", it will be an easy "out-of-box" experience, including the installed base.

I'm sure they have contingency plans if wunderground goes belly-up.

Again, they are far more aware of what's going on than some people here think.

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So, have they already worked out the additional development? If so, why not release it?
Ah, the catch is probably in 'monetizing' it. Shades of the smarthub "Massacre at AcuRite Gulch" [to quote myself, heh]. If they try to set the hook too hard, this fish won't ever bite again.

I haven't even taken my Access out of the box yet, and have no idea of its' architecture. Maybe it is a flexible, adaptable Pi/NUC-type system, if so they shouldn't be hiding it, imo.

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It's not a Pi or NUC.  No need for all that kind of overhead, but it certainly has plenty of resources for the task, particularly compared to the SmartHUB.

Teardown photos were posted here some time ago.

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I sort of figured that. I'm still trying to hack my now Seagate bricked "Lyve" box. It's got Pi's and NUC's all beat for 'coolness'. One whole face is a nice display screen [can't remember if a touchscreen], and with wifi, ethernet, usb, etc.

Chumby was another cool device that got hacked yet didn't last long after.

Interesting how we now have Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub but it was Chumby that led the way.


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