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Until now the Microsferics TOA network project has been aimed exclusively at existing Boltek users. In a few weeks we are going to introduce a custom standalone TOA E-field sensor that together with the existing controller unit will make participation a lot less costly and accessible to people who don't plan to buy or already own a Boltek detector. In order to solidify that the new sensor performs as expected in the existing network we are now looking for someone who is interested in hosting a complete Microsferics TOA system.

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The ideal site should be situated in Florida or near the FL border in GA or AL, Alternatively, if no host can be found there, central US is another target area. Selection of hosting site will depend on your location relative to already operational sensors in the general area. We will fully sponsor the equipment but you will have to pay for shipping (approx $35 USD) and possibly some import taxes as the hardware is shipped from Australia.

There are two controller unit configurations one can choose from, the difference being in the network client implementation which is how data is transmitted to the central processing server;

* Standard model which requires a Windows host PC (Win7 or later) running a dedicated client software. The host PC must be on at all times.
* WiFi model which is fully standalone and does not require a host PC but must be in good reception range of a wireless Internet router.

Both variants will operate autonomously after initial configuration. A minimum 2 Mbit/s upstream Internet connection is recommended, faster is better. Here is a pic of the controller box:

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The TOA device is plug-configure-play and does not require any electronics assembly or soldering. E-field antenna must be mounted at some height with a fairly unobstructed 360 degree view and proper grounding (i.e. ground stake or water pipe).

If you are interested in hosting it is important that you will have time to set up the equipment without delay upon receiving it. Also important is that you have some rudimentary computer skills (e.g. you know how to use Telnet to enter configuration data) and able to communicate over e-mail/Skype in a timely fashion in case we need to sort out technical issues. The TOA sensor is expected to be online 24/7/365 and remains property of the Microsferics project until agreed upon otherwise. In the event you cannot operate the unit anymore (due to relocation, illness etc) you will be required to send it to our USA contact.

If you would like to get onboard please PM me your location info, preferred controller configuration (PC or WiFi) and any other information that you think might be relevant. We anticipate to ship out the device by the end of this month or shortly thereafter. I'll be collecting applications for the next couple of weeks before we begin the selection process.

Need pictures of the antenna and how it's mounted.  I already have one system installed and running from a company out of Florida (  Not sure if that would pose a conflict.

I'll get a pic posted as soon as I have one, antenna is in the process of being assembled.

Don't know about the system you are already running but for us there is no conflict, our public network is a non-profit outfit.


--- Quote from: WeatherHost on May 16, 2019, 06:14:32 AM ---Need pictures of the antenna and how it's mounted.  I already have one system installed and running from a company out of Florida (  Not sure if that would pose a conflict.

--- End quote ---

As per PM, I've updated shipping costs in my post, forgot initially to convert from AUD to USD.

Note my PM's to you are blocked so if you expect a response later...

Forgot about that.  You should be able to get through now.


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