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All the "Leuven" weather-forecast scripts are in 1 folder and in 1 download. Currently the following forecasts are available :

* WXSIM-plaintext, WXSIM-lastret/latest.csv
* Met.no
* UV from KNMI/Temnis
* Environment Canada + weather warnings
* NOAA/NWS plaintext type + weather warnings
* NOAA/NWS SOAP detailed dataDownload and demo of all forecasts: https://pwswd.be/wsfct4/
Demo inside Saratoga template: https://www.weerstation-herent.be/saratoga/wx_lvn_wxsimPP.php
Readme: https://pwswd.be/wsfct4/readme.html
Known issues: link will be added when needed

Positive: "A lot of settings" To adjust what contents you want, what colours a.s.o.
Negative: "A lot of settings" The output is cached, so you have to learn to clear the cache when testing a change in your settings.
These scripts can be used Stand-Alone and in the Saratoga-template.
They could be used in the Leuven-Template also, but they are not supported there! Use at your own risk.

These are very extensive and complex scripts, do not change the scripts themselves.
Change only the settings and the startpages. All as described in the readme.

When you post questions about the scripts

* Always include the URL (=correct link)  to the script on your website
* Check the demo scripts to see if the problem exist there also. Sometimes the forecast servers are the cause of the problem
* Also states all other actions you already did to pinpoint the cause of your problems. Checking those things also helps to reduce the time for answering your questions.

Leuven script supporters

 =D>  =D> Outstanding, Wim -- thanks for sharing these!

Danke Wim Super [tup]

Wow! What a great script. Excellent. [tup]

I installed your Forecast scripts, but how do I set the Italian language? I put the file in the "lang" folder, set in the php file: lang: "it" but it doesn't translate it for me, why?
Thank you


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