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"ERROR posting data to Weather Underground. The remote server returned an error

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Jack Bowman:
It looks like Acurite has changed the way gust are reported to Weather Underground. This happened on the 29th  the same day Kevin's Software started having issues. It is probably an issue with the way the data is parsed by the software. I sent an email to Kevin.

what smarthub reader is sending: &dateutc=5/30/2018%2012:04:48%20AM
per the docs
    IMPORTANT all fields must be url escaped

  2001-01-01 10:32:35

quick fix would be to just send 'now' instead

Jack Bowman:
It does look like WU is actually having some problems.  Now I am not sure what is going on?

I'm receiving a similar error message as well on mine.  Bad request (400)

of the few dozen stations that run kevin's reader, the only ones back up reporting have switched using myacurite (probably the easiest temporary fix), weewx, acuparse, meteobridge, or other script.  WU has been working on a new PWS data ingestion platform and apparently have implemented some of it. the old system probably allowed for some leeway in the specifications in the protocol.  Hope Kevin will do an update for us who still use the software with the old bridge/smarthub


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