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bucks County Weather:
How about calibrating with VWS...and how to get my barometer reading calibrated to match my reading output.

My barometer is dispayig about0.24 lower than close surrounding barometers. I was told that I can change a setting in my VWs to make upe for the reading, therefore displaying the true(or closer to true) reading. But how???

ANY help will be appreciated.


Before calibrating, do you have your altitude set correctly? Also, what weather station are you using?

bucks County Weather:
I'm using the WMR968 which other than the bad baro reading has proven very dependable.  My altitude here is 361ft above sea level as the willow grove air station is 2 miles away with the same sea level height.

I'm using VWS.......the raw barometer seems to be displaying the correct, but when it gets to the webpage for display its tooo too low...

What does your sea level barometer show? That is the one you want to be using to compare to others around you.

bucks County Weather:
mine is showing...30.03......

others not far are 30.33, 30.29, 30.27,30.30.......all in the same range of each other


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