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I know the software can use a tower sensor as a primary temp/humidty sensor and the 5 in 1 for rain, wind etc., but what if I got a separate rain gauge?  Would I be able to use it as my primary rain sensor via the smartHUB software?  (forgive me, I'm not home to pull it up to see for myself...trying to plan).

What I'd like to do is use separate sensors for wind also if Acurite every came out with an anemometer only.


Yes, you can specify separate sensors for wind, rain, temperature, and humidity - yet have them all push data to a single Weather Underground, CWOP, etc. station. :)  Say you have the 5-in-1, but want to use a separate temperature sensor in the shade.

As a bonus, you can even post an extra temperature/humidity sensor data to the "Soil Temperature" and "Soil Moisture" (humidity) values for your station. This would be if you want to monitor your living room, garage, barn, shed, or whatever via Weather Underground. Note that WU doesn't currently track historical data for these values, but you can monitor them nonetheless.


Thanks so much for refreshing my memory Kevin :)

Man I wish Acurite would develop an anemometer only sensor!

But I guess I could always just use my 5 in 1 as an anemometer only so that I  could raise it up to the correct height :)

Get the 3-1 and ignore the temp/hum sensors.


--- Quote from: Bushman on August 14, 2017, 11:57:09 AM ---Get the 3-1 and ignore the temp/hum sensors.

--- End quote ---

No wind direction though.

I think I'm going to keep my 5 in 1, raise it up to the proper level and ignore all other sensors.  Then get this little package for temp/hum/rain:


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