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getting cvs files

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after playing around with the software found directions got it up and running on the new smart hubs. need some direction on how to get the cvs file ,i think that weather display needs to look at for it to work and where to save thank for great software

in the Settings menu, click the box for "Write to CSV File"  and then specify a File path and filename for it to save to

ok will give it a shot thanks

i know this is basic stuff to most of yall, from what i have been reading on the form and i have learned alot so far , just got me hooked more. but writing pathways for me is above my head a little, can someone show a example of how to do this, it may help others to that are still learning. thanks

As example, if you run Kevin's program from the directory c:\bridge
To have the program output the file into this directory, you could put c:\bridge\myweather.csv
into the settings screen
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