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I'm thinking to delete and re-enter the new-host entry so I can rename it correctly to Aculink and then set it to static.

And that is why you give it a unique name.  ;)   You will need to disconnect the device (power off), assign a static IP to it and then reattach the device.

Unless of course, checking the box turns the already in use dynamic lease into a static one.  Don't have the manual to tell you for certain.  Try that first I guess.

A quick Google search tells me that the second method will convert a dynamic IP to a static one.  Try it.  Of course it will have a crappy name unless you can rename it.

I renamed new-host to Aculink and made it static. I ran ncat -e "ncat 80" -l 80 -k exactly as written in a command prompt and I get a blinking cursor. I also tried ncat with the aculink ip address but that also just gave me the blinking cursor.

Is the command prompt supposed to just blink? I think there may be some problem with ncat running properly.

I also shut off in myacurite the aculink connection to wu and then looked at the aculink webpage but there were no devices detected.

Does it show up in the Dlink router's IP ADDRESS DISTRIBUTION page (like in your first post)?


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