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Use Kevin's SmartHub Reader without bridging network adapters

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Before I run ncat it shows up with aculink connection to WU turned on and also when turned off.

When I run ncat (and get the blinking cursor) it is still showing up in Dlink. No change. Is the cursor supposed to just blink? That always indicated to me that the program being run is hanging up.

BTW, ncat is showing up in task manager as a loaded process.

I removed ncat from processes, reloaded it and disconnected the myacurite wu connection. The aculink device is still showing up in Dlink router info and tests okay.

Then I load Kevin's reader and it says Waiting for bridge data. If this takes more than 5 minutes please check whether the correct network device is selected.

I tried the various network devices offered under settings but none seem to connect and show that Kevin's reader is getting any data from the smarthub.

I do not use Kevin's sw but it sounds like config issue.  Sorry.  Maybe a user of the sw will chime in.

Thanks for getting me started on this. Hopefully some other people will have some suggestions.


Hi BeaverMeadow - The key thing with this ncat method is controlling the IP address that the smarthub gets when it looks up

Thanks for noting the type of router you have. Being integrated with the DSL hardware and carrier firmware limits your options.  Looking through the manual it  also does not appear that there is DNS forwarding or options for resolving individual host names.  The static DHCP entry is not too useful since you can't control the gateway address or dns server addresses separately.

Without a configurable resolver this method won't work  :-(   You would need a different access point for the extender to connect to. Then you could use Bridging or Internet Connection Sharing.

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