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Jack Bowman:
One of the great features of Kevin's Software is the ability to use multiple sensors to produce a composite result to send out. I am currently doing this with a 2in1 Tower Sensor, and a 5in1 Weather Station. I will provide a short tutorial on how to do this in the next week. In the meantime if you have any questions, please post them!

I concur as I'm doing the same.  ...and if you have to, or want to, it's VERY easy to switch back if need be.

A tutorial would be great. I have the general idea of what I need to do, but perhaps there are different options or avenues to this process which I haven't explored.

I'm new and ordered a smart hub w/ 2 humidity / temperature sensors for home monitoring this week.  Have you got any instructions in using your software?

The software is pretty self explanatory.  Maybe the initial setup would be the toughest step for some...

Basically, instead of having the SmartHUB plugged into your router, you plug the SmartHUB into your dedicated PC.  Then you open your Network Settings, highlight both your WiFi connection and your LAN connection, right click and choose "Bridge Connections". Once done, connect to your WiFi as normal.

Open the software and click Setup at the top.  In the very top of the setup window, use the drop down box and choose your correct connection.  Then look through all the various options....if you have anything you'd like to report to, enter your login information for each (Wunderground, CWOP, etc).  Then chose which sensors you want to use for what. 

That's pretty much it.  I'm using my 5 in 1 for my wind and rain and a tower sensor in a radiation shield for my temp/dewpoint.

My wind gets hampered by the lower height and the house next door.  It'll pick up northerly winds well however, and always passes the CWOP grading regardless.  I'll come up with a higher solution over the next few months.

Here's my setup:


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