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VWS and Windows 10

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Not always.  Sometimes the restart is to just reload what is cached.  Windows 8/10 have a "quick boot" feature.  That right click restart is just a reload of the quick boot.

I've been in situations where I was installing software, and the installation would fail.  Second attempt to install anything would fail stating a previous installation was still in process.  A regular restart wouldn't fix it.

That's when you have to resort to the command prompt restart, which is more like Windows 7 full restart.

I guess it's called Fast Boot in Windows 8, and Fast Startup in Windows 10.  But they both have it.  It's a hybrid shutdown to a hibernate file, and boot back up again off the hibernate file.  Usually that's fine, but sometimes can cause issues.

Well for what ever reason when my computer updated the win 10 version to a newer one my VWS software stopped working, it would not let me open the file at all that I might not have administrator access. Ive never seen this before so I tried to reinstall all I get is a message stating that no software was installed or removed Ive got VWS downloads saved on a backup drive that wont install either. ](*,)

I've not had to reinstall in Win8.1, but in the past when I did in XP and Win7 I always had to go in and delete the VWS Installer folder in Programs. Don't know if that's what's happening in your case or not.

I just bought a little HP running Win8.1 as a backup, I absolutely will not go to Win10, I'll go to Apple or Linux.

Thanks for the info Ive got WD installed and up and running I think Ill try this for a while I have been using VWS since 2005. Ill try to get my VWS at some point.


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