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OK so went with Weather-Display. Got everything configured after a week. Unfortunately have to figure out why it continues
to crash. I've gone as long as two days and as short as four hours. Hmmmmm....stay tuned...

Sorry to hear of your WD crashes.  I've been running WD for about 2 years now, maybe a bit more.  And on two different computers, I recently upgraded. I have yet to have a single crash on either PC.  Win10 Pro.

Thanks. I'm very new to this program. But I'm assuming when the data feed stops and Temperature shows nothing that it
probably quit. Would like to see if a Virtual Com port will work More to come. Truly appreciate you chiming in. We'll continue to figure it out... Norm

My WD is connecting to a WIFIlogger.

that doesn't sound like a crash, instead it looks like a problem with the usb connection being lost or a driver problem
i.e if you reselect the com port, does the data then start flowing again?

one thing, make sure windows is not set to power down the USB (selective suspend)


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