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Easy way to add rounded corners to Saratoga Templates

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I've added rounded corners to my banner (called up in my header.php), but I'm having an issue with the blue background coloring not extending over as far as it should for the wording Navigation for the menu side bar.




Hi John,

I found I needed another </div> to fix this


Decided to move the project  to GitHub, because I'm going to try adding more rounded corners where possible (and when I have time to tinker). Edited link in the OP.

Latest version (Feb 9, 2015) added rounded corners to the forecast and moon phase icons on the homepage.

Great work, Steve, makes my site look even nicer :-)

While I also like these changes to the look of the templates, please be aware that making these changes will change the basic template code and thus, require you, whenever you download a new update to the PHP-AJAX routines, to manually check to see if any of the files you've modified are affected by the updates from Ken True (saratoga-weather.org).

You may want to ask Ken to consider including your mods into his PHP-AJAX code so this won't be an issue. I see the TOP.PHP file is changed so that would be one of the files needing Ken's attention. There may be other files impacted too if you make other changes to the template files.


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